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web site development, ecommerce web design, web design and development

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web site development, ecommerce web design, web design and development
web site development, ecommerce web design, web design and development

Web Development Strategies

Business / Advertising

How to Use Other People's Money for Your Business

The Secret Behind Million-Dollar Ads

The Hypnotic Power of Confusion

The Triggers of Success: How to Trigger a Successful Sale through the Power of Psychological Triggers

What do People Want Online? It's not what you think it is

Discover a Master Wordsmith's Secret for Turning Everything You Say into Wealth, Well-Being and Personal Success

The Easiest Way to Write Anything

Narrow Your Focus and Broaden Your Sales

How to Instantly Double the Response of Any Ad, Letter or Web Promotion

How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions

Why Some Ads Fail Miserably While Others Succeed Wonderfully

"Nothing is Secret Anymore!" -- The Confessions of a Millionaire Information Broker

I Almost Flunked English But Went On To Make Millions of Dollars Writing Sales Copy

3 Killer Secrets for Closing the Sale

Killer Copy: Words That Are Like Magnets to Money

Home Office Deductions

Is It Time For A Copy Facelift?

Three Sales and Marketing Tools to Boost Profits

Five Ways to Promote Your Unique Business Identity

Public Relations: Antidote for Small Business Failure

How To Build Trust and Sell More Products!

How "Fear of Speaking" Can Make You a Better Speaker

Unique Selling Proposition

Getting More Sales From Your Order Page

Troubleshooting Poor Response from Ad Campaigns

The Key To High-Volume Web Sales

Some Advertising Is Doomed To Fail

How to get thousands of dollars worth of advertising for pennies!

What's Your Visitor's UPA?

How to Double Your Online Sales Without Spending Another Dime on Advertising

Make More Sales with the Two-Step

My website needed more targeted traffic. Guess where I found it?

How Anyone Can Become A Millionaire No Matter Who Or Where They Are In Life

How to Save Money on Ads...By Bartering

SEO Copywriting Makeover: Good Rankings but No Sales Part 1 of 2

SEO Copywriting Makeover: Good Rankings but No Sales Part 2 of 2

Creating a Powerful Sales Letter using Four Main Ingredients

Increasing Conversions Through Action-Oriented Copywriting

How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

Five Ways to Cut Ad Costs

Writing To Overpower Your Competition

Who Took the Networking Out of Network Marketing? Why Distributor Web Sites Don't Work

Transforming Problems into Sales

Cool Tools that are also free Part 1 of 3

Cool Tools that are also free Part 2 of 3

Cool Tools that are also free Part 3 of 3

Are You Ready to Own and Operate a Business?

How to Quickly Gain Traffic to Your New Web Site

Why isn't Your Website Selling?

Copywriting Makeover: Search Engine-Friendly Can Also Mean Visitor-Friendly

Improving Lead Generating and Conversion Rates: Think Like a Farmer

10 Essential Criteria For Choosing Your Target Market

Fond of Autoresponders? Write 'Em Right!

Get Your Web Site Noticed!

Tips for Writing an Internet Ad that SELLS

3 POWERFUL Ways To Profit From Your BLOG... Starting TODAY!

Maximize Autoresponder Use to Boost Business

Creating Sales Letter Lists That Make Your Customer's Drool

Easy Clickbank Management with the Right Tools

Keyword Optimization - How To Achieve It

Google Adwords Writing - Compact Yet Stylish

An Analysis of Website Traffic

Six and a Half Keys to Creating an Ugly Web Site

NEWS FLASH! Article Directories JUMP-ON The RSS Syndication Band Wagon

Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Web Copy

The Internet's New Secret Weapon For Getting Free Publicity

Power Promotion With Low-Cost Classified Ads

Stepping It Up Another Niche

Internet Marketing / Promotion

How To Find Out What Keywords Your Customers Are Searching With

The Marketing Secret Widely Known but Rarely Practiced

Networking Your Marketing Strategies

Seven Steps For Creating Successful Marketing

Increase Your Bottom Line Through Referrals

Guerrilla Insights Into Direct Response

How Do You Score on the Internet Marketing EQ Test, i.e., Are You Marketing APPROPRIATELY to Who's REALLY On the Internet?

The "No META Tags, #1 Listing" Formula For High Search Engine Rankings

RSS: A "Really Simple Solution" For Sending And Receiving Content

The Best Traffic Generation Tool Is Free

Cleaning Up Your Marketing

The Process of Marketing

Are You Utilizing All the Features of Google Adsense?

How I reached #1 in Yahoo! ® Part One

How I reached #1 in Yahoo! ® Part Two

How Marketing Articles can Kickstart Your Business

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Internet Marketing Strategies
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Web Development Strategies

Web Site Design / Development

Controlling Checkboxes

Basic JavaScript Date and Time Functions

Inserting Affiliate Codes Into Links and Forms

Spam Proofing Your Websites

Display Random Images within Your Web Page

Display Information with Your Web Page Links on Mouseover

Use JavaScript to Expand Text within a Web Page

Use JavaScript to Display a 'New' Link Marker

Use JavaScript to Check Required HTML Form Fields

Use JavaScript to Prevent Duplicate HTML Form Submissions

Redirecting Your Visitors to Another Web Page on Error

Are You a ClickBank Affiliate? Here's How to Link Directly to the Product

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Getting Started

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Learning More

Cascading Style Sheets CSS: Formatting Lists

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Backgrounds (part 1 of 2)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Backgrounds (part 2 of 2)

Obtaining Customer Contact Info On ClickBank Thank You Pages

Display Floating Ads within Your Web Page

Display Floating Navigational Menus within Your Web Page

Increase Sales by Displaying an Incentive Calculator on Your Sales Page

Increase Your Web Site Traffic -- Syndicate Your Web Pages

Many Ways To Use the IFRAME Tag

Send Your Visitors Attachments Instead of Providing Download Links

Currency Formatting and Putting Commas In Numbers

Custom Link Generation For Affiliates

Changing Form Action URLs On-The-Fly

No-Kill Pop Box (Instead of Popups)

No-Kill Pop Box II

No-Kill Pop Box III

Inserting Affiliate Codes Into Links and Forms

Preventing Your Visitors From Submitting an HTML Form More Than Once

How HTML Forms Work

Server Side Includes: Navigation Links

How to Position Text and Images Exactly

Displaying the Number of Words Typed Into an HTML Form Field

Many Actions With One HTML Form Submission

Changing HTML Dropdown Box Content On-the-Fly (Without Reloading the Web Page)

Ezines / Opt-In Lists

How To Write Effective Email Subject Lines

Warning: Your Email is Invisible

My 3 "Must Use" Secrets for Big Fat Subscriber Lists

Biz Tips

How to Tell If a Business Opportunity is Good

Introducing A New Product

Replace Your Business Card With a One Sheet

Keyword in Your Title

Enthusiasm Sells

Get Your Foot In The Door Through Consignment

Advertising Ideas

How To Get Testimonials

Customers Buy More Than Your Products

Be Generous With Praise

Do You Need A Publicist?

Get Great Ideas From Customers

Everything Is Going Toward Marketing!

The Only Two Headlines

Get LOTS of New Customers FAST!

Enjoy Easy Sales With Visionaries

Use A Picture To Promote Your Reputation

Publish a Newsletter

Writing Power Classified Ads

Listen for the Sale

Write Your Own Book

Credit Cards

Accepting Credit Cards for Your Online Business

Accepting Credit Cards Payments For Offline Businesses

Protecting Your Business From Credit Card Fraud

Different Types of Credit Cards and Features Part 1

Different Types of Credit Cards and Features Part 2

Various APR Features For Credit Cards

Credit Card Features

What Is A Credit Report and Why Does It Matter

What To Do When Your Credit Card Is Lost Or Stolen

Sponsor Messages

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