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Everything Is Going Toward Marketing!

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

You have probably noticed that the big thing in e-commerce right now is getting all your information connected. When one database can talk to another while making exciting new information available to many people in your organization, you are on your way to your next million.

Last week I talked with Richard Pothier of Based in Montreal, injava specializes in high-end database projects used by many big name companies. Richard gave me the lowdown on where the database trend is going.

"Everything in e-commerce is focusing on marketing," he told me. "For example, one major food company was concerned about grocery stores having outdated ads." Injava created a company-only internet (intranet) that lets thousands of stores download the latest marketing campaign at a moment's notice.

Voice Portals are also catching on like wildfire. A customer calls an 800 number, a computer answers walking the customer through a series of questions, the info talks to the database, and the customer gets what she wants. If you've ever had to sit on hold for an hour waiting for customer service, you can imagine what a time-saver thousands of computer streams working simultaneously can be.

If your business isn't yet up to spending thousands on a state of the art database system, don't worry. Savvy programmers are constantly working on cheap ways to bring database technologies to small and home-based business.

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