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Get Great Ideas From Customers

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Because customers are using your products and services in the field, they are often your best source for new ideas.

Once a guy called needing some marketing advice. I launched into a long explanation of where his business needed to go and how he could market efficiently and effectively. The man listened politely, then said in a frustrated voice, "I need you to give me step one, step two, step three. And I can only handle about five steps."

What an idea! Time and again people buy if you give them just a few, clear steps to follow. I put the man's idea to work.

Announce an idea contest in your next newsletter or mail out. Offer a free prize for the best idea to solve a problem. It is not unusual to get several hundred suggestions with as many as a dozen turning into money-making new products and services.

Try offering cash as your prize. People like all kinds of prizes, but they really respond to money.

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