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Send Your Visitors Attachments Instead of Providing Download Links

By William Bontrager

Oftentimes, I see elaborate instructions on web sites about how to download a PDF ebook file. This is because clicking on the link can load the ebook into the browser instead of initiating a download.

Master Attachment Mailer V1 is a solution for situations where instructions can be confusing. Simply allow the site visitor (or customer) to have the file delivered as an emailed attachment.

Actually, Master Attachment Mailer V1 can be used to deliver any file that's on your server.

Offering an alternative to downloading via a browser can be perceived as a professional service. All the visitor has to do is type in an email address and click a button.

Master Attachment Mailer V1 can help you build up a contact database. An ebook or other incentive can be offered in exchange for filling out your form. The form can ask as much or as little information as you want. Any fields can be made required fields. The information provided will be emailed to you, the webmaster, whenever the form is used.

If you now provide a download link in exchange for an email address, you know that many people type in junk addresses. With Master Attachment Mailer V1, junk email addresses can be a thing of the past. People who want the file must provide email addresses it can be delivered to.

Master Attachment Mailer V1 is free and can be downloaded at

When the attachment is sent, the email content itself can contain any text you desire. It can be plain text or HTML. The email content is in a separate file for easy updating whenever desired. Having no email content is also an option.

The outgoing email doesn't need to have an attachment. Thus, Master Attachment Mailer V1 could also be used as a text autoresponder.

When you need to deliver a file from your web site to an email address, think of the free Master Attachment Mailer V1.

Will Bontrager

About the Author:

William Bontrager Programmer/Publisher, "WillMaster Possibilities" ezine

Are you looking for top quality scripts? Visit Willmaster and check out his highly acclaimed Master Series scripts. Some free, some for a fee.