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Google Adwords Writing - Compact Yet Stylish

By Riki Trafford © 2005

For someone green to Google Adwords, a Google ad is seen on Google Result pages as a sponsored ad along the right-hand portion of the page or in the top two listing spots. These ads are chalk full of keywords that match a person's search words. Google charges a fee of a nickel to several dollars to the advertiser every time a visitor clicks within the ad.

An Adwords' copy is allowed one short line for the headline that can't go over 25 characters, plus two lines for the content that can't go over 35 characters. No more! A space is considered a character. Shouldn't it be easy to write a little copy? Not so. In fact, a writer knows compact writing is much harder than wordy text since every word counts heavily. Tight copy has to draw in the right traffic and the right search results.

Google Adwords space has little room for garbage. A well-written Google Adwords is approved faster by Google. Plus, Google ads that are written with purpose have better click-through rates and better responsive visitors. Astonishing how 3 lines of about 70 characters has such power!

A tight Google AdWords ad asks the reader to perform some task. Concentrating on optimizing your keywords and phrases is important. Also, understanding why you selected those words is equally important.

Fantastic copy for a Google Adword won't happen in a snap. Ten tips to make it happen are offered below:

1. The inverted triangle approach to writing will help you brainstorm material. Start with the most important points and use copy and language that hold meaning for your target audience. Then, trim your material using the following tips.

2. Power words, benefits and attention-grabbers move a reader to perform a click. Brainstorm into two columns where the first column is for listing features and the second column is for listing the features benefits.

3. State only true claims. These claims can be showstoppers but leave out "free" if a condition is involved. Google guidelines must be followed (

4. Don't skirt around what your customers want. The power of the Internet allows your customers to look for you and they want something specific. Announce loud and clear that you're there by using a headline that's precise.

5. Keywords should be split-tested for their power on Results in Google Search. Plus, test several versions of your Adword on Google and change an ad that's not performing well. Even by changing one word, your click-through ratio can sky rocket. Google will drop ads that perform very poorly.

6. Use [square brackets] around keywords and even try a dynamic headline. When a search result matches your keyword exactly, Google bolds the matching keywords in your ad. You can also program your headline to customize and match the search, as long as the dynamic headline doesn't use misspelled words. For example, {KeyWord: Writing Tight AdWords}. You must use the brackets and "KeyWord:" in the programming.

7. Cut out unnecessary words like a, an, in, on, it, of, etc.

8. What makes you unique or shine? Loudly state it what makes you better than a competitor. For instance, do you offer discounts?

9. Get rid of freebie seekers by putting the deals or discount at the end of the ad.

10. Emotion, energy and response come from power words and call-to-action. Use only words and statements that match your product or service. Sample power words include discover, these, and enhance.

Writing effective ads for Google means including the exact information that your visitors need to make a purchase from you. By focusing on content that will improve your click-through rate, you will also see your conversion ratio improve. Who thought roughly 70 characters had such amazing power!

Copyright 2005 Riki Trafford. All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Riki Trafford is the manager and developer of Direct MO Marketing Inc which offers low cost keyword-targetted web traffic. also accepts article submissions on traffic, marketing, and business topics. Get your article archived on the Internet with a link to your site here: