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Replace Your Business Card With a One Sheet

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

The problem with business cards is they generally don't give enough information about your business. They only have room for your most basic contact info and maybe a slogan line about what you do.

A business card can't list your hottest services, your latest products, your upcoming bargains, or your philosophy on customer service.

These are often the factors that turn a meeting into a sale. Instead of handing out cards (or in ADDITION to handing out cards), pass out a one sheet. This is exactly what it sounds like, a single sheet of 8x11 paper printed on one or both sides listing all the benefits I mentioned above.

Start your one sheet off with a headline at the top touting your most impressive and popular benefit. What is it you provide that customers almost always go for? Next include a sub heading that explains your business a little more.

Follow that with a graphic (your photo, a picture of your building, etc.) and a pack of bulleted features/benefits. Also include testimonials from satisfied customers or recognized experts in your field.

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