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Enthusiasm Sells

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Back in the days of ancient Greece, smart people thought enthusiasm was a gift from the gods. Anyone who had enthusiasm was imbued with special powers.

That is not far from the truth. How often have we seen someone take on a challenge we thought was one shot in a million, then they achieved it through sheer determination and enthusiasm? "I didn't have enough experience to know I could fail," they say later.

Enthusiasm sells. Dale Carnegie told of a speaker who was promoting an idea that was absolutely preposterous. No one in the room would normally have believed such an idea, except the speaker had enthusiasm. More than half the audience never questioned his authority.

Try to focus your work on products, services, and ideas you feel positive about. Also look for prospects who are very likely get real benefit from what you sell. Then enthusiastically go about showing prospects how you can help them. Sales almost always follow.

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