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Obtaining Customer Contact Info On ClickBank Thank You Pages

By William Bontrager

After a successful sale, ClickBank does not send customer contact information to your thank you URL, only the receipt number and, if you're using their Secret Key authentication method, a value to authenticate the sale.

Collecting email and other personal information can be done from the email ClickBank sends to the selling merchant. But this means manual labor needs to be expended when recording the info in a database and subscribing the customer to an autoresponder or support list.

Recently, a purchaser of our ClickBank shopping software, the popular Master Shopper CB V2 from suggested a method one might employ to automatically subscribe the ClickBank customer to an autoresponder. I tried it. It works.

This article shows you how it works, including an option to automatically record customer-provided information in a database. The solution is to use the versatile Master Form software along with Master Shopper CB V2, both of which have been created specifically for hosting accounts on Unix/Linux servers.

Here is an overview of how it works:

  1. The template thank you page for the shopper software contains a Master Form form. The form asks for the customer's email address and, if desired, other information.

  2. When the shopping software generates the custom thank you page from the template, the ClickBank receipt number and the temporary download URL (if you use one) are inserted into hidden form fields.

  3. After the customer provides the email address and any other required information, and submits the form, Master Form
     1. Generates email from any email templates it is
        instructed to use, which can include email to
        autoresponders and list servers.

     2. Updates a custom database on the server if the
        database and database template locations are

     3. Generates a thank you page customized to present
        the ClickBank receipt number, the temporary
        download URL, and/or any other information
        available for customizing the page.

When using this method to send the customer's email address to autoresponder or list software, understand that some such software gathers email addresses from the Return-Path: header line instead of the From: header line. In that case, and if your hosting account server uses sendmail, you'll need Master Form version 2.8 or later.

The latest version of Master Form can be obtained from

Although a close reading of the user's manuals for both Master Shopper CB V2 and Master Form would provide an understanding of exactly how to integrate Master Form into Master Shopper CB V2's thank you page, I've created supplemental instructions you can find at

A similar method may be used to provide this functionality to thank you pages of other software, whether e-commerce or not, if that software generates custom thank you pages. Read the supplemental instructions and the Master Form user's manual to learn how to make it happen.

If you would like to become a ClickBank merchant, now that you know how to collect customer information on the thank you page, see

The reasons for collecting the customer information need not be restricted to autoresponder/list subscriptions and database updates. It might be a sign-up page for a members only area or a loan application, for examples, or even the information form for an astrology reading just purchased.

Let your imagination roam. If it has to do with forms, Master Form can probably help you turn your imagination into reality.

Will Bontrager

About the Author:

William Bontrager Programmer/Publisher, "WillMaster Possibilities" ezine

Are you looking for top quality scripts? Visit Willmaster and check out his highly acclaimed Master Series scripts. Some free, some for a fee.