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Keyword in Your Title

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Recently I spent a lot of time looking up competitors in major search engines. By far the biggest factor in determining who got listed in the top ten of every search engine was this: put your main keyword--the one people will use to search for you--as the FIRST word in your title.

If you haven't done a lot of web design, the title is that line of text that appears in a little box at the top or bottom of your browser. It goes in the HTML code near the top of your page.

For example, if I were going to put up a page on writing keywords and wanted it listed high on search engines, I would write it:
keyword in your title gives you top search engine listings

Notice I don't capitalize the K in keyword. Search engines will match the way you write the word to the way users type the word when they're searching for you. keyword is different from Keyword is different from KEYWORD. Most people search using terms typed in all small letters.

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