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How To Write Effective Email Subject Lines

By Corey Rudl © 2003. All Rights Reserved

You probably already know how critical good sales copy is to the success of your business. But how much thought do you put into your subject lines?

When doing e-mail promotions, your subject line can literally make or break your success -- a critical point that the majority of affiliates and marketers miss.

Think about all of those e-mails you're probably getting on a daily basis with subjects like:


Do you open these e-mails? Because I know I sure don't! The subject line makes it obvious that the e-mail is spam... that it's from someone you don't know... or it doesn't offer a clear benefit that makes you want to read it.

Now let me ask you a question... How many of your legitimate newsletters and e-mails are mistakenly deleted by your subscribers who read your subject lines and assume it must be spam?

How many potential sales could you have saved simply by rewriting your subject lines?

Obviously I can't answer these questions for you. However, I can teach you how to write subject lines that will compel your subscribers to open and read any e-mail you send them.

When you write your subject lines, you basically have 3 choices:

1) You can make an announcement or give news. (i.e. "IMC shows affiliates how to write killer subject lines")

2) You can make the reader curious. (i.e."IMC gives affiliates this secret marketing strategy...")

3) You can emphasize how the reader will benefit from opening your e-mail. (i.e. Discover tips for writing subject lines that will increase your affiliate sales.)

Out of these 3 techniques, you will always be most successful if you write subject lines that state a clear benefit and tell the reader exactly how they are going to save money, save time, make their life easier, etc... by opening and reading your e-mail.

If you can state a benefit AND create curiosity, so much the better! (i.e., Discover this proven marketing strategy that will increase your affiliate sales!)

But again, the key when writing subject lines is to emphasize benefits by considering your product or service from your customers' point of view...

1) Will they benefit from taking the time to read your e-mail?
2) What will they learn?
3) Is your product/service going to save them time?
4) Is it going to save them money?
5) Is it going to improve their lives in some way?

Write subject lines that emphasize these benefits and I guarantee that you'll dramatically increase the number of subscribers who open and read your e-mail.

Two other key points to remember when writing your subject lines are:

a) Keep it short and sweet! Don't let your subjects run any longer than 60 characters -- and make sure that the most important details are mentioned first so it doesn't get cut off.

If your subscribers can't read your entire subject line because it's too long, chances are they won't open your e-mail.

b) If possible, personalize it! A subject line like "Bob, here's the info you need..." is going to get a MUCH better response than simply "Here's the info you need" because the recipient assumes you know them -- and is therefore more likely to open the e-mail.

We've proven that personalized e-mail like this can increase the response you receive by as much as 64%! So don't take this technique lightly...

About the Author:

Corey Rudl is one of the most successful REAL-LIFE Internet marketing experts online today and the author of the Secrets To Their Success private site. His main goal is to help other like-minded people become successful online. Click here to find out more: