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The Only Two Headlines

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

As any experienced journalist can tell you, the media really only has two headlines: Oh, the wonder of it AND Oh, the shame of it.

When the Internet started taking off in 1996, the papers were full of Oh the wonder of it headlines. We constantly heard fantastic stories about how the Web would change our lives.

Then, in 1997, when nobody seemed to be selling anything online, the media switched to their Oh the shame headline. The Net was overblown, a flash in the pan, a big money waster.

Then at Christmas of 1998 ecommerce sales soared and the Net was off and running again. Most recently tech stocks dropped and papers like USA Today announced the "fading of Dot-Com."

This past week the media jumped back to Oh the Wonder headlines when Yahoo posted better than expected profits. With that one simple turn of events the media tells us the wondrous Internet economy is back with a vengeance.

Media workers, like folks in any industry, like to cram the world into a few story lines they are familiar with. Learn how to anticipate which headline the media is leaning toward. Figure out ways to fit your business news into what media is looking for. Free publicity will follow.

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