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Enjoy Easy Sales With Visionaries

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

One of the first groups of customers to buy a new product or service are visionaries. These are people who immediately recognize a change that will give them an advantage. They want to use the advantage NOW, before everyone else gets on the bandwagon.

Visionaries generally don't worry too much about details. They intuitively seem to know when something new is for them. They want to hear your emotional appeal, the sizzle in the steak, the promise of great things to happen.

Many sites that paint a glorious picture of what your life will be like when you buy their product or service are going after visionaries.

It is an easy crowd to sell to. Visionaries tend to find a good product, service, or idea even without much advertising. Once visionaries find you, they don't need a lot of time and details before they buy.

Visionaries want a quick idea of what you have to sell them. Then they want to buy and get started as soon as possible.

More often than not, when someone says their site isn't selling, it is because they aren't hooking visionaries. Sales pick up as soon as the website owner includes a short, exciting description of the benefits their product or service provides.

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