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Publish a Newsletter

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

This is the information age, and there's nothing that people like better than free information sent directly to their attention. That's what you get when you publish your own newsletter. Whereas many people will gloss past your ads and commercials, they'll often stop to scan through a helpful and interesting newsletter.

Newsletters can be a lot of work, so keep yours simple. If you are a small business person, there's no reason that your newsletter needs to be more than a single page printed on front and back. Keep customers and prospects interested and in touch by bringing them up to date on your latest products and services.

Provide them with a helpful hint that relates to your business. Don't have the budget or time to mail your newsletter? Leave it on counters. Hand it to customers. Stuff it in bags. If you have lots of customers who are on-line, don't miss the chance to send out your own email newsletter. They can be extremely simple and cost you nothing for postage. Build your subscriber list by asking customers for their email address.

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