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An Analysis of Website Traffic

By Tom Bishop © 2005

Use web traffic statistics as a tool to help you better decide if your website is on the winning track or not. After all, you want to succeed, don't you?

Your web hosing company offers instruments for assistance but that is only the beginning. They are extremely busy and can only offer you a minimum of what you need inn regards to time. Look closer at what is going on. Find out who is visiting your site and why.

It is a common mistake to assume that the figures you see in front of you on the computer screen explain the whole truth. They do not. Bear in mind that the behavior of visitors counts for a tremendous amount.

These figures tell only part of the story. The behavior of web searchers is even more important to your purposes. Get in the know about this unique concept.

Hits often are blown out of portion. Hits are requests for certain kinds of information, nothing more. They don't matter as much as most people think. Be smart and think outside the box.

If people spend a fair amount of time at your website then that will show in your web traffic statistics. Find out who is staying, for how long and what in particular holds their interest.

Do your visitors' stay at your site long enough to look it over thoroughly and read everything or are they there and gone in a flash? Do you know? Brief interludes of time for visits are not enough.

Statistics tell you specifically if individuals enjoy a certain page of your website or not. If guests stay a while then the tools you have implemented are working beautifully which is excellent news. But on the other hand if they are not, pay close attention to the reason why.

Your marketing strategy needs to include what motivates web searchers and what their individual habits are. People can be fickle. Bear this in mind always.

All websites have pages from which visitors can exit the site. If visitors leave your site on a page that is not deemed as an exit page then something is very wrong. Why are they in a hurry to leave and more importantly, why are they leaving without checking out your site in its entirety?

Draw your visitors in as effortlessly as possible. Keywords and phrases play a big part in making this happen. Your keywords should summon people with a "come on in!" appeal.

But are your keywords doing the trick? If people come to your site but mean to go elsewhere then a closer examination of your site is required immediately. An adjustment or modification of something might have to be made. Perhaps it will be as simple as changing the wording of a form or moving the form to a different page of your site.

Keep these valid points in mind and good luck to you!

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