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Make More Sales with the Two-Step

By Kevin Bidwell Copyright © 2004

Typical scenario: Business owner buys ad for the "Latest, Greatest Widget!" Ad runs. 864 people visit website. 10 people buy. And if the profit margin is enough, the business owner makes money.

Everybody's happy.

But what if the business owner had added just one more step to the process? What if he had not run an ad directing people to his "sales" site but instead to a free report of interest to his target market?

Here would have been the likely scenario:

Ad runs, the same 864 people visit, but 216 people download the report.

Out of those 216, 22 people end up buying the product. In addition, over the next 6 months, another 43 people end up buying the product after repeated exposures.

Over six times as many sales from the same ad buy.

How can you make this happen in your own business? Here are some keys:

1. Create a compelling free report.

To get as many people as possible to pick up your free report, you want to give it a provocative and interesting title.

2. Give solid, informative content in the report.

The purpose of your report, primarily, is to establish the credibility and quality of your "brand." By giving valuable content, you are establishing your company, your product and yourself as the "place to buy."

3. Make the report an "advertorial" for your product.

This is the important you write this report, giving your high quality information; you want to be moving the prospect to purchase YOUR product.

For example: If your product excels in 5 areas, produce a report on "The Five Things Every Widget MUST Have." Then, during the course of your report, you give your product's features as examples.

4. Give repeated exposures to your sales message over time.

Once you have captured the contact information with your free report, provide many opportunities for these people to hear about your product. A newsletter, follow-up reports or updates can all give ongoing exposure to your product.

Two-step sales technique can quadruple your sales. Give it a try --you won't be disappointed.

About the Author:

Kevin Bidwell is owner of Kevin just finished a complete report on building a passive income. Grab your copy here: