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PC Security: Pop Up Windows

Pop goes the window. Pop up windows, which were once commonly used for advertisement purposes, have been overused and abused to the point where they are extremely annoying for most computer users. Often, sites would use pop up windows that would open when you left a website. In fact, some were designed so that windows would keep popping up until you finally had no choice but to reboot your computer!

Unfortunately, there are many sites that still use this advertisement method, and we are fortunate enough to have pop up blockers to stop them. There are other dangers besides the annoyance with these pop up windows, however. Most pop up windows use a scripting code called JavaScript to operate. JavaScript can be used to control the size of a window, and when it pops up. It can also be used to secretly harvest email addresses and even to send viruses.

Today, less pop up windows are used. Instead, respectable advertisers may use 'fly-ins' or 'floating' windows. These windows are more 'gentle' than pop up windows, and you can easily click the small 'x' in the top right corner of the fly-in to close it. Some, however, are quite annoying, have no way to close them, and either follow you as you move your mouse or scroll down the page.

A pop up window for no apparent reason is a sign that you may have 'adware' on your system. These pop up windows may show up when you are browsing, or even when you are not doing any browsing at all. Pop-unders came in between pop up windows and fly-ins in terms of technological advances - if a pop up window can be considered that. Pop-unders appear behind the web browser, and are not noticed until you either minimize the browser or close it completely - at which time you will be staring at an advertisement. Pop-unders were once able to bypass pop up window blockers. Fly-ins still are able to bypass pop up window blockers.

Because pop up windows are so annoying to so many, most browsers include pop up window blockers in the software. There are also numerous stand-alone pop up window blockers that work with popular browsers. These pop up window blockers are very easy to install and use, and are commonly free to download. Again, with the use of JavaScript, you can get a virus, but most pop up windows are simply annoying, and not dangerous. Simply put, if you want to avoid them, use a pop up window blocker. If you want to see the advertisements, most pop up window blockers will give you the option of displaying the pop up window after it has been blocked.

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