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Web Design Tips and Codes

Developing a professional web site will play an important role in your success. However, finding web design tips to assist you can be difficult.

Although HTML tutorials will provide you with an overview of HTML and web site design, unfortunately, that's about it. They usually don't provide you with the little web site design tips and tricks that are used to create special effects within your web pages.

Although learning HTML and some basic web site design techniques is very important, if you want to add special effects to your web pages, you will need to learn some additional coding techniques, such as using CSS and JavaScript.

The following web design tips provide a wealth of information to assist you in many aspects of web site design. You will find web design tips and advice, HTML tips and codes, CSS codes and JavaScript codes to assist you in creating special effects within your web pages.

However, please ensure that you use these web design tips and codes cautiously. Make sure you don't overdo it and use too many special effects, as you don't want to offend your visitors. The key to creating a successful web site is to only use tips and codes that will enhance your visitors experience on your web site.

When you're ready to begin, simply click on the links below to find the web design tips and codes you're looking for. Once you locate a special code, copy and paste it into the HTML portion of your web page where indicated within the instructions on each web page.


Web Design Codes


Web Page Text Tips

Displaying HTML Web Page Text in a Specific Font Style
HTML Heading Tags
Enlarging Text Size within a Web Page
Highlighting HTML Web Page Text
Wrapping Text Around an Image within an HTML Web Page
Indenting Text within a Web Page
Using Superscripts and Subscripts

HTML Links Tips

Creating an HTML Status Bar Link Description
Creating an HTML Mouseover Text Description
Creating an HTML Escape from Frames Link
Creating HTML Links within the same Web Page
Removing an HTML Web Page Link Underline
Changing an HTML Web Page Link Color
Auto Fill an Email Subject
Creating HTML Hyperlinks within a Web Page
Highlighting HTML Web Page Links
Creating a Web Page Download Link
How to Display an Email Address on a Web Page and Protect it From Spammers

Web Page Windows Tips

Web Site Browser Compatibility
Open a Web Page Link in a New Window
Creating a First Visit Web Page Pop Up Window

HTML Tables Tips

Display HTML Table Borders within Empty Table Cells
Displaying an Image Background within HTML Table Cells
Customizing HTML Table Background Color
Customizing HTML Table Border Colors
Setting HTML Table and Column Widths

HTML Special Effects

Creating a Stationary HTML Web Page Background
Creating Horizontal and Vertical Lines in HTML
Creating an HTML Marquee / Scrolling Text
Changing HTML Bullet Styles
Resizing Images, Graphics or Photos within HTML Web Pages
Creating Glowing Web Page Links
Using HTML Frames within a Web Site
Using Scripts to Spice up Your Web Page
Creating a Web Page Back and Forward History Button
Creating a Web Page on Mouseover Alert Box
Displaying the Last Modified Date within a Web Page
Display an Alert Message on Web Page Load
Creating a Print Web Page Button

Cascading Style Sheets - CSS Tips

Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Style Tags to Customize Links
Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to Specify Web Page Fonts
Using CSS to Customize Your HTML Web Page Form Scroll Bar Colors
Using CSS to Customize Your HTML Web Page Form Background Color
Using CSS to Highlight Web Page Links on Mouse Over
Using CSS to Display a Non-Tiling Background Image within a Web Page
Using CSS to Create a Drop Capital Effect within a Web Page

HTML Forms Tips

HTML Forms: Creating a Default Option
HTML Forms: Adding a Color Background to Input Boxes
HTML Forms: Customizing the Size of an Input Box
HTML Forms: Specifying Maximum Text Typed within an Input Box
HTML Forms: Displaying Default Text within an Input Box
Creating a Radio or Checkbox HTML Form
Formatting an HTML Web Page Form
Using an Image as a Submit Button within an HTML Web Page
Disappearing HTML Web Page Form Input Box Text
Flashing Cursor within an HTML Form Input Box on Web Page Load
Tabbing Through HTML Web Page Form Input Boxes

HTML List Tips

Customizing HTML List Item Bullets
Creating Customized HTML Bulleted Lists
Creating Custom Non-Indented HTML Web Page List Item Bullets

Web Page Tips

Setting HTML Web Page Margins
Specifying the Background Color of an HTML Web Page
Specifying the Link Colors within an HTML Web Page
Displaying an Image Background within an HTML Web Page
Organizing HTML Web Page Code with the Comment Tag
Adding Audio (Sound) to a Web Page
Creating Audio (Sound) Files for a Web Page
Decrease or Speed up Web Page Load Time
Best Background Color and Font Styles for a Web Page
Increasing Your Web Site Sales
Increase Your Web Site Sales by Building Your Credibility
Increase Sales with a Professional Looking Web Site
Using JavaScript to Navigate a Web Site
Selecting the Best Quality Web Host for a Web Site
Registering a Domain Name as a Trademark
How to Download a PDF (Portable Document Format) File
Protect Web Page Content - Text and Graphics
Preloading Images within a Web Page
Creating a Favicon (Favorite Icon) for a Web Page

HTML Horizontal Rule Tips

HTML Horizontal Rule: Changing the Height or Size
HTML Horizontal Rule: Specifying the Width

Web Page Meta Tags Tips

Preventing Web Page Browser Cache
Redirect Visitors to a New Web Page
Preventing Search Engines From Indexing a Web Page
Using META Tags for Web Page Transitions

Miscellaneous Tips

Viewing File Extensions in Windows 2000, XP and Vista

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