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Organizing HTML Web Page Code with the Comment Tag

You can organize your HTML web page code with the comment tag.

The COMMENT tag is used to display text within your HTML document that will not be visible on your web page. They enable you to mark the beginning and end of sections in your HTML code for easy editing.

<!--Begin Navigation-->
Your navigation links
<!--End Navigation-->

Using comment tags through your web page HTML code provides a great way to organize your content and enable you to easily locate specific areas within your web page.

For example, when designing a web page, you most likely will use HTML tables to organize your content and display your navigational menus. If you place a comment tag at the beginning of your content section and your navigational section, you will know exactly where your HTML code for each section begins and ends. This alone can save you a lot of time, as you won't need to search through all of your HTML code to find the section you need.

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