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Using Scripts to Spice up Your Web Page

You can use scripts within your pages to spice them up. However, although you will probably be tempted to use all the fancy techniques to create special effects, try not to go overboard. With each script or effect you add to your web page, it will take that much longer for your page to load.

Select your scripts carefully. Most browsers now support JavaScript, so using this type of script will probably be your best choice. Keep in mind, JavaScript and Java are two totally different languages and are not in any way connected.

If you must use Java on your site, use it sparingly. Java can be slow and has a tendency to crash browsers. It can also add a lot of time to your web page's load time.

Scripts to Avoid When Designing a Professional Site

Pop up boxes asking for your visitor's name

Disabling the browsers back button

Continuous alert messages

Scrolling messages in the status bar

Large scrolling text

Fancy cursors

Cursor trailers

Automatic transfers on mouseovers

Mouseover sounds

This list represents only a small portion of the types of scripts you should avoid. These scripts are not only very irritating, but they're a big waste of your visitors' time. If you want your visitors to return, use scripts that will compliment your web site.

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