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Resizing Images, Graphics or Photos within HTML Web Pages

The HTML IMAGE tag is used to display images within your web page.

You can resize your images, graphics or photos within your HTML web pages by changing the HEIGHT and WIDTH values.

To retain your images original characteristics, make sure you adjust the height and the width equally within your HTML. In other words, if your original graphic dimensions are 50x100 (width 50 and height 100), to reduce your image to one half the size, you would change the width to 25 and the height to 50.

Note: Your image should be in JPG or JPEG format. Images formatted in GIF do not resize well, as their colors have been reduced.

Original Image:

<IMG SRC="yourimage.gif" WIDTH="96" HEIGHT="134">

Resized Image:

<IMG SRC="yourimage.gif" WIDTH="76" HEIGHT="114">

Resizing your web page image within your HTML code should only be used for small changes. Large image files will remain large even if you resize it within your HTML.

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