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Yahoo! Search Marketing: A Guide to Sponsored Search

If you are interested in pay-per-click search engine marketing, you definitely need to consider Yahoo! Search Marketing. Yahoo! Search Marketing makes it easy for advertisers to connect you with customers who are searching for what you are selling.

Yahoo! Search Marketing offers many different options for advertisers, including sponsored search, local advertising, search submit, product submit, travel submit, and directory submit. Your ads don't just appear in the search engine results on Yahoo either. They appear across a network of sites and search engines.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search allows you to create ads that will appear in search engine results on Yahoo and on other sites in the Yahoo distribution network. Yahoo gives you control over your budget with flexible budgeting options, allows you to target audiences across the entire market, and supplies you tools and features that make managing your Yahoo! Search Marketing account simple.

With Yahoo! Sponsored Search, you can get set up in five easy steps. First, you target customers by geographic location. You then choose keywords that relate to your business, state how much you want to spend, create your ad and then review and activate it. Your ad will begin displaying within minutes of approval. When your ad is clicked, you are charged whatever you've agreed to pay for each click.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search features include geo-targeting, campaign budgeting, ad testing, campaign scheduling, keyword research tools, bulk ad management, customized performance reports, billing and payment reports, charting, and forecasting.

For local advertising, you can list your business in the Yahoo Directory for free, and then pay a flat fee for an enhanced listing. Or, if you prefer, get top placement with a featured listing. Search Submit enables you to submit your URL's at no cost so that you are included in the listings. However, you can upgrade to Search Submit Pro and get additional control over your listings, and obtain in-depth reports concerning your listings.

You can also be included in Yahoo! Shopping with Product Submit. Product Submit enables you to have your products featured in Yahoo! Shopping, and you pay for performance by paying for clicks. You can manage your Product Submit account online and quickly and easily update product information and monitor performance. You can also set up an online store with Yahoo! Merchant Solutions.

If you have travel related products or services, you can use Yahoo! Travel Submit to promote your offers. You will get detailed listings of your travel offers, and be featured in relevant areas across the Yahoo network. Yahoo! Travel is a pay for performance program where you pay for clicks received.

You can also submit your site to the Yahoo Directory and pay for sponsored listings. These sponsored listings will not only give you prominent top listings in search results, but it will also get you listed in the directory much faster than free submissions.

Yahoo is a high traffic network. This means that if you take advantage of any of the services offered by Yahoo! Search Marketing, you will definitely increase your web site traffic and sales. Out of all of the pay-per-click services around the Internet, Yahoo! Search Marketing is definitely one that you want to include in your advertising campaigns.

Visit Yahoo! Search Marketing for further information:

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