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Free Content Articles Syndication Syndicator Feed Publication Internet Web

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions in regard to The Syndicator. If after reviewing this page you still have questions, you may request assistance here.

Question: I have previously registered with the Syndicator, but didn't copy the codes. Is there somewhere I can get the codes?

Answer: Yes. You can visit our codes page here.

I have placed the JavaScript code in my HTML, but cannot get the article to display.

Answer: Part 1 - Your article feed code should take two lines. The first line will contain the actual code and the second line will contain </SCRIPT>

Part 2 - You must have a JavaScript enabled browser. The Syndicator does not support users of Internet Explorer 3.x and below, Netscape Navigator 3.x and below and WebTV users. You must have a JavaScript enabled browser.

Question: How often are the articles updated?

The articles are updated weekly and will display new articles each Monday.

When I placed the article feed on my website the article stretches clear across the page. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Yes. The articles were designed to blend in well with any website, so you can place your article within a table and it will automatically adjust to fit.


<TD>Your article feed code here</TD>

Will you be adding any additional article categories?

We're currently not planning on adding any new categories. This may change in the future, so you're welcome to check back.

I know that the articles are copyrighted, but can I use them in a website publication?

Yes. You can create an online ezine and use the article feeds to provide the content. In addition, you can create an email publication and simply link to the page your article resides on.

Question: I am in the process of creating a free ebook to distribute from my website. Can I use the article feeds within the ebook?

Yes. The articles will display in Ebooks created with Editor Pro, WebCompiler or similiar HTML compilers, but you'll want to mention that an Internet connection is required. Not only will they display, but your ebook will be continually filled with fresh content, automatically!

Do you accept article submissions?

Yes. If you write articles that may be freely published, feel free to submit them. If your article is selected, it will run across every website registered with the Syndicator.