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Article Syndication

If you write Internet articles that may be freely published, submitting your articles to the Syndicator can provide you with a lot of free exposure.

If selected, your article will be viewed in syndication across hundreds of syndication sites.

All submissions are reviewed; however, only a few will be selected each week to run in syndication. If your article isn't selected right away, it may be selected to run at a later date or even within our eTips publication.

Although we don't offer any monetary compensation, the free promotion you will receive will be worth far more.

Article Submission Guidelines:

1 You must be the author, or a representative of the author, of any articles you submit.
2 A resource box must be included at the bottom of the article and should not exceed 6-8 lines.
3 The word 'Article' should be placed within your email subject followed by the title of the article. Example - Article: How to Design a Web Page
4 Articles should be between 500 - 1200 words
5 Articles must fit into one of the following categories:
Website Design and Development / Internet Marketing / Promotion / Advertising / Business / Sales
6 Author's (80 X 105) photograph should be attached to your email, but is not required.
7 Articles must be placed within the body of your email and not as an attachment or in .doc format


To submit your articles for consideration, send your article to:

Please note: articles that do not follow the submission guidelines will be discarded without notice.