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Frequently Asked Internet Marketing Questions

If you're just starting out on the Internet, learning how to market your web site and products is an essential part of your success. However, this is an area in which many new Internet entrepreneurs struggle.

After receiving the same questions numerous times, I have devised a list of the most frequently asked Internet marketing questions.

Question: "Is it true that people are making millions on internet?"

Answer: Although there are a few individuals that may be making millions on the Internet, they are the exception -- not the rule.

Making money on the Internet requires a total commitment and takes a great deal of time and effort. It's not going to happen overnight, and it's not easy. However, if you take the time to educate yourself and plan each step very carefully, you can definitely make a nice income online.

For further information, read the article series entitled, "The Birth of a Successful Internet Business."

Question: "I recently launched a new web site and submitted it to the Search engines, but haven't received the first visitor. Is there something I'm missing here?"

Answer: Although launching your web site and submitting it to the Search Engines is a great start, it is only the first step.

Many new Internet entrepreneurs believe that all they need to do is launch their web site and visitors will automatically start scrambling to their site. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way.

Driving a steady stream of traffic to your web site takes a great deal of time and effort. You must develop a strategic marketing plan and continuously work it.

The best advice I can offer is this...get your link on as many web sites as you possibly can. The more links you have pointing to your web site, the more traffic you'll receive.

There are many ways you can obtain links to your site:

· Submit your site to the Search Engines and Directories.
· Exchange links with similar sites.
· Provide a service (For example, I provide a free syndication service. Every web site displaying my content is also displaying my link.).
· Write articles and allow them to be freely published with your bylines.

I highly recommend that you use a combination of the above traffic generating techniques.

For further information in regard to developing a marketing strategy, read the article series entitled, "Internet Marketing Strategies."

Question: "I have my own product that I would like to market on the Internet, but I have no idea where to start. Can you give me some advice?"

Answer: One of the best ways to market your product and drive traffic to your web site is to advertise through the two most popular Search Engines - Google and Yahoo.

Google Adwords

Google's pay per click advertising program, AdWords, generates web traffic through the use of their search engine and partner sites. AdWords provides advertisers with highly effective text ads that are displayed with the search results and/or on related content sites.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search

Yahoo's pay per click advertising program, Sponsored Search, offers specialized pay per click advertising. Sponsored Search prominently displays your ad in search results on leading sites, such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, iVilliage, InfoSpace, CNN and HP.

Another great way to market your products is through your own opt-in list. However, many new marketers either haven't started collecting their potential customers' email addresses or their list is very small. So how can a new Internet marketer begin advertising without an opt-in list? Start by placing paid ads in targeted ezines.

Ezine advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet. Many ezines sell ad space that may include sponsor ads and/or solo ads. Although both types of ads can be effective, solo ads will produce the best results.

Ezine advertising is not only highly effective, but the rates are also very reasonable. Your results will vary depending on the product, your ad, and the publication.

To learn the art of writing effective ezine ads, read the article entitled, "Secret Formulas for Writing Headlines that Sell."

Visit the following web address for a list of some of the most effective online publications:

If you're considering purchasing any type of advertising, please make sure you start out small and test your ad's response rate prior to spending any major money. There's a great ad tracking script called LnkInLite that you can pick up completely free. I highly recommend that you use this script to track all your advertising ventures.

Once you have tested your ads and have an ad that's pulling a good response rate, you can begin placing the ad in some of the larger publications.

Question: "I don't have a product, but I'd really like to learn how to market and make money on the Internet. I'm a complete newbie and have no idea where to start. Can you help?"

Answer: Even if you don't have your own product, you can still make money on the Internet. There are many products online that have an affiliate program. Affiliate programs will pay you a set commission for each sale.

Many good affiliate programs will provide you with ads, articles and banners to assist you.

A good place to find affiliate programs is:

Question: "What, in your opinion, is the best way to market on the Internet, free?"

Answer: Writing articles and allowing them to be freely published is the best way to market on the Internet.

By writing articles and allowing them to be freely published, your articles will have the potential to be viewed by millions of Internet users. They may be published by several ezines with subscriber bases of a few hundred to several thousand. In addition, they may be displayed in ezine archives or on high traffic web sites.

Best of all, writing an article enables you to advertise in ezines completely free. It just doesn't get any better than that.

For further information, read the article entitled, "Write for Publicity."

Your marketing efforts will play a major role in your success. Whether you're marketing your web site, products or services, you need a strategy. Plan your work then work your plan and everything will fall into place.

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