Web Page Templates

Web Page Templates

In this section we will be focusing on using web page templates to create a web page.

In our previous web page design lesson, we went over each web design option you have and focused on taking a website design course.

If you missed the first lesson, please ensure that you read it prior to continuing with this website design lesson.

In this lesson, we will continue with another website design option you can use to design your own website – using a web page template.

What is a Web Page Template?

A web page template is a pre-designed web page that you edit with your own information. They provide you with a quick and easy way to get your website on the Internet very quickly, without having to go through the hassle of designing a website yourself.

Web page templates come in a wide variety of categories to accommodate just about any type of website you would like to create. They are worth their weight in gold and will enable you to have a beautifully designed website quickly and easily.

Editing a Web Page Template

To edit a template, you will have to either edit the HTML code yourself, so that you can add your own information, or you will need to hire someone to edit the web page template for you.

For this reason, it is HIGHLY recommended that if you want to design your own website using a template, pick up some sort of web design course and learn the basics. That way you can save yourself a lot of money and have the ability to edit and maintain your own website.

Using an HTML Editor to Edit a Template

When you’re ready to edit a template, you simply open it within your favorite HTML editor, edit the text and/or images to suit your needs, and save it. You don’t have to worry about designing the layout, which will save you a great deal of time and trouble.

Web page templates are very convenient. Not only will they enable you to get your website online very quickly, but they will also give your site a highly professional look.

Web Page Template Companies

Although there are many sites that offer web page templates, there are also many packages floating around the internet that were stolen. What’s more, there are also templates being passed around that contain stolen images. The image companies have been demanding restitution from innocent webmasters using the templates with the stolen images. For this reason, it is very important that you know who you’re doing business with.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you only do business with a reputable web page template company, such as Template Monster.