JavaScript Functions Reference


JavaScript Functions Reference Chart Cheat Sheet

This is part twelve of the JavaScript tutorial. If you missed the previous lessons, you may want to review them prior to viewing this JavaScript Functions Reference Chart.

Following is a JavaScript Functions reference chart designed to assist you in writing your own JavaScript coding. This “cheat sheet” provides a great way for you to copy and paste the coding you need into your JavaScript code.


JavaScript Functions Reference



eval( )

Evaluates a string, and runs it as if it were valid code

isFinite( )

Checks to see if a number is infinite

isNaN( )

Looks to see if a value in a variable is not a number

number( )

Changes a value to a number

string( )

Changes a value to a string

addNumber( )

Adds the numbers in the argument together

addEvent( )

Adds an event

addLoadEvent( )

Adds an event after a page is loaded


Gets a cookie that is set on a users machine


Sets a cookie on a users machine


Deletes a cookie from a users machine


Using a JavaScript code cheat sheet for your functions is a great way to improve your JavaScript code writing skills.

This concludes the JavaScript Functions Reference Chart. In the next section, you will find a JavaScript Math Object Reference Chart.