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Review: Empowerism
International Success Mentoring

If you're looking for a solid business opportunity that literally empowers you to succeed, look no further than Empowerism.

Empowerism has been empowering ordinary people since 1998 and has paid out more than 7.2 MILLION in commissions to their affiliates since May 8th of 2004.

Janet Wilson, CEO of Life, Education And Prosperity, Inc., a corporation formed in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., developed the highly successful Empowerism system, which offers a low-cost subscription to an automated database marketing system and training in NetMarketing (the combination of Internet Marketing and Network Marketing). Janet's business philosophy is this..."To offer ongoing, high-quality, 'affordable to the masses,' global success systems and mentoring to everyone intending to start an online business, bring an existing offline business to the Internet, or simply learn Internet marketing and personal success skills. The Empowerism training and business opportunity are designed to empower people worldwide through knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and new perspectives."

Empowerism is literally a subscription to success. Empowerism takes ALL of the guesswork out of NetMarketing success by providing you with...

A Turnkey Marketing System

Your Empowerism subscription comes with an auto-responder pre-loaded with a series of promotional letters that will be automatically sent to your leads. What's more, you're even supplied with 50 targeted opt-in leads each and every month -- the leads alone may be worth more than the subscription price. What's more, you can buy as many additional leads as you'd like.

Excellence Magazine

The ONLY 20+page training and success-building, ad-free magazine published by an Internet-based company. All of the articles are either written by the Empowerism company or hand-picked by Janet Wilson, who demands only the best of quality for her publication.

Power Training Center

A cutting edge training center with quality Internet marketing tools, step-by-step tutorials, and much more to teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful.

Power Training Lessons

A series of 'how to' and informational training lessons to assist you in marketing, goal-setting, business-building, home-based biz tips, and much more.

Money Making System

Although recruiting new members will help you increase your profits, it's not a necessity. That's one of the great things about Empowerism. You don't have to recruit anyone to make money. Not everyone wants to recruit new members and Empowerism understands that.

For this reason, Empowerism offers two extremely powerful options -- RSVP and MVP. Both of these programs are absolutely incredible. To give you an example, for every $25 you spend in leads, you'll get $2000 in return! It sounds unbelievable ... I know, but after you review these programs and discover exactly how it works, you'll understand how incredible this really is ... Learn more about this powerful program at the Empowerism site.

The MVP is a powerful program that enables your money to double 5 times. For example, if you were to purchase four shares at $200 each, after 5 cycles, the $800 investment will turn into $4,000 cash!

Compensation Plan

As if the RSVP and MVP programs weren't enough of an incentive to join this powerful company, there's more...

Empowerism enables you to recruit new members in which you will receive residual (monthly) income. If you did not personally refer members in your downline, you will receive $1 each month for every member in your matrix. The great thing about Empowerism is that you will receive spillover from members above you. Your downline has the potential to continue grow and earn you more and more money over time as more and more people are enrolled.

For every member you personally refer to Empowerism, you will receive a $20 "Fast Start Bonus" + $7 per month in residual income. The "Fast Start Bonus" is great because you get paid each and every week. It can really add up.

What Makes Empowerism Such a Success?

Empowerism not only provides you with the exact information and tools you need to be successful, but it also provides you with a turn-key, profit generating system that really works.

Thousands of people who have never been able to make money online before are now making money with Empowerism. This company is truly amazing.

What's more, Empowerism is the system of choice recommended by dozens of top Internet marketers like Michael Glaspie of BannersGo MLM, Internet Millionaire Shawn Casey, Stone Evans of Plug-In Profits and Bob Wilson of CashPromotions.

If you've been on the Internet for a while, you know 'the money is in the list.' And, what better way to buy leads than through Empowerism? Where else can you invest $25 to purchase leads and months later, get $2,000 in return? You won't receive that kind of return from your bank. It's simply amazing.

What's more, you can purchase as many leads as you'd like and get the same return on each purchase. Although the RSVP program is great, that's not the only reason I'm so excited about Empowerism. They also provide you with a great program called MVP where you can purchase advertising packages and get double your money back!

Empowerism is literally paying you to allow them to build your list and advertise your products! It just doesn't get any better than that.

In addition, the Empowerism site is literally bursting at the seams with great tutorials for just about every aspect of Internet business, so it's great for newbie and professional marketers alike.

If you truly want to build a successful online business, one that enables you to earn an above-average income (or more, depending upon your personal persistence and determination), look no further than Empowerism. This impressive program stands head and shoulders above the rest.

If you're serious about your success, Empowerism is an absolute MUST and highly recommended.

Visit Empowerism to get started today...

To your success!

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