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Review: Site Build It!
by: Ken Evoy

Ken Evoy, author of the highly acclaimed ebooks Make Your Site Sell, Make Your Words Sell, and Make Your Knowledge Sell, has developed, what promises to be, the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing system of software tools that will enable anyone to quickly and easily launch a successful online business.

This impressive streamlined system of automated business building tools makes it so simple that anyone, no matter what your level of skill may be, can create a web site, develop an online business, and market on the Internet with absolutely no knowledge of HTML, FTP, CGI, graphics or programming. SBI! does all that for you.

The Site Build It! suite includes:

1) Action Guide -- Make Your Content PRESell!.
2) SBI! Manager -- brainstormer, researcher, and overall time-saver.
3) SiteBuilder & TrafficCenter -- Build your site and generate TARGETED traffic.

This step by step system will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process. Let's take a look at the process...

Action Guide -- Make Your Content PREsell!

Your first step will be to review the action guide. Much more than just a guide, Make Your Content PREsell is like a mentor who guides and advises you through a 10 day course of information and tools.

Upon completion, not only will you have a site that attracts visitors who are interested in your content, but you'll also have a site with content that converts your visitors into customers.

Where do you get your content? Your content comes from your passion -- the main focus of your entire business. Your content then becomes your web site and your web site becomes your business -- generating income.

Brainstorm and Research

By simply following the action guide, you can build a profitable Internet business based on the theme of your choice. This impressive guide will lead you day to day, from tool to tool, beginning with the Brainstorm & Research tool.

The Brainstorm & Research tool will enable you to research the Internet based on your theme. It will research the Internet and return a list of the most profitable topics on which you create your site and develop your business -- a blueprint for your business.

Register Your Domain

Once you've developed your blueprint, you simply click on "Set Me Up" to register your Domain Name. It's that simple. There is no additional charge.
Site Build It!'s price not only includes all the powerful tools and domain name, but it also includes one full year of web hosting (without ever having to deal with HTML, FTP, CGI, programming, etc.).

Build Your Site

Once you've registered your domain, your next step will be to build your site. This is the great can either use a professionally designed template to build your site, or build your own template using the online graphics tools.

If you'd like to use a professionally designed style template, simply select the template that best meets your needs, and type in the name of your site to begin. If you'd like to design your own style, simply use the point and click design tools that will enable you to customize each and every element of your site.

Create Your Pages

After you've decided on your site's style, your next step will be to create your pages. Site Build It! uses a simple "building block" formula. You simply build your page by adding blocks. If you'd like to add a Headline, simply add a Headline block. If you'd like to add an image, add a Graphic Block and select an image from your Graphic Library (No more endless searching for images). When you're ready to add your text, add a Text Block. Need a link? Simply type it in once and SBI! will place it within your Link Library so you can reuse it at the click of a button. It doesn't get any easier than that.

When you're finished, simply click "Analyze It!" to make sure it will rank high at the Search Engines. You're now ready to "Preview It!."

Once you're satisfied with your site, simply click on "Build It!." Your new site is complete.

But, Site Build It! doesn't stop there.

Automatic Search Engine Page Submission

As you build each page, SBI! begins submitting your pages to every major Search Engine. It also tracks your pages and tells you when each Search Engine visits your pages, lists your pages and how well your pages rank.

Traffic Center

The Site Build It! Traffic Center provides you with several traffic building tools that will enable you to build and analyze your traffic.

SBI!'s Search Engine HQ will enable you to see exactly where your pages rank in all of the major Search Engines. If your page isn't ranking well, simply click on "Analyze It! to find out exactly what you need to do to make your page rank higher. It's like having a Search Engine specialist by your side.

The Paid SE HQ, Pay-Per-Click HQ, and Directory HQ report, will assist you in optimizing additional traffic building strategies.

The Traffic Stats will provide you with important information on your visitors' every move.


If you've been on the Internet any time at all, you're probably familiar with the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. These engines allow you to bid on targeted keywords and decide how much you're willing to pay for each visitor they send your way.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines provide a great, cost-effective way to drive highly targeted traffic to your site. The SBI! Manager will not only enable you to research the top 20 bids for your keywords at the major PPC Engines, but it will also enable you to bid on keywords at the click of a button.

Publish Your Ezine

Having your own publication will not only enable you to keep in touch with your visitors, but it will also help you build a huge database of targeted potential customers. And, Site Build It! has you covered.

They've streamlined the entire publishing process by providing you with a complete list management system. From getting new subscribers to formatting your publication and sending out mailings, the MailOut Manager provides you with complete control. What's more, you can save your back issues and even view important stats.


The Site Build It! system is a complete business building system that nearly guarantees your success. I highly recommend this impressive system to anyone serious about developing an online business.

For less than the cost of standard web hosting, you can have a complete business building system that produces results. What's more, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If SBI! does not meet your needs, they'll refund you right away. And, you can keep your domain name as their thank you for giving them a chance at your business.

Visit Site Build It! for complete details on this powerful system and start your Internet business today...

To your success!

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