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Automatic Responders / Auto Responders

autoresponder review Review: Master E-responder V2
by: William Bontrager

Autoresponders are one of the top promotional tools available online today. They are also known as mailbots, automatic email and email on demand. They were derived from the very popular fax on demand and designed to automatically respond to any email message sent to it with an automatic response. Their popularity most likely stems from its vast variety of uses, as it eliminates the need to manually answer every response. Subsequently saving hours of valuable time. Your information can be available to your prospective customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your best ad copy ready, load it to your autoresponder and your business is set to autopilot. When your prospective customer sends a message to your autoresponder address, your information will be instantly delivered to their email address.

In addition to the standard autoresponder systems, there are also autoresponders that can send an unlimited amount of follow-up messages. These follow up messages can be set up to automatically be sent out at predetermined intervals. In other words, you can set up your autoresponder to automatically send out a new message each day for as many days as you would like.

Although there are many free autoresponder services available on the Internet, very few provide follow-up autoresponders. In addition, free autoresponder services place ads within your messages -- which will make your company look unprofessional. However, if you'd like to pay a monthly fee, there are professional autoresponder services that will provide you with follow-up autoresponders without advertising. Although these services are very helpful, they can be rather expensive over time.

If you've been looking for a reliable autoresponder service, I've got great news. William Bontrager, developer of the highly acclaimed Master Series scripts, has come to the rescue with the release of his highly acclaimed software, Master E-responder.

Master E-responder is a complete follow-up autoresponder system that resides on your own server. It will enable you to create an unlimited number of autoresponders with an unlimited number of follow-up messages. If you're doing business online, then you know it may take up to seven contacts with a potential customer before closing a sale. Follow-up autoresponders provide the perfect solution.

Master E-responder has an easy to use control panel that will enable you to send text or HTML email messages that are personalized with your subscriber's name. This feature alone can increase your ad's response rate considerably.

Although I was highly impressed with the personalization feature, as this is a must-have feature, I was also impressed with the one-click unsubscribe links placed at the bottom of the messages. This feature will enable subscribers to instantly unsubscribe simply by clicking on the link.

Master E-responder makes electronic product delivery a breeze, as you can include file attachments. Your attachment might include an ebook, images, documents, or whatever you'd like. There is no limit on the size of your emails or the size of the attachments.

As with every Master Series script I have ever used, Master E-responder is top of the line. If you've been paying a monthly autoresponder service fee, or have been using an ad supported free service, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Master E-responder. Not only will it give you complete control over your autoresponders, but it will also save you a great deal money.

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