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Ebook Publishing - Writing / Creating Your Own Ebook Course

ebook publishing, writing ebooks, creating ebooks, ebook course Review: Make Your Knowledge Sell
by Ken Evoy, M.D. and Monique Harris
PDF Electronic Book,
GoodBytes Information Products, Inc.

Ken Evoy and Monique Harris have created the ultimate guide to creating informational products with Make Your Knowledge Sell. MYKS gives you all the knowledge and the tools you'll ever need to create and deliver a successful electronic book (ebook), manual or how-to guide. Over 300 pages of pure, powerful knowledge.

MYKS will advance you through 8 action steps from brainstorming, to help you come up with the best informational product for you, to marketing and selling your new product. Each action step will take you step by step through the entire publishing process. When you finish MYKS, you'll be ready to launch your very own infoproduct.

MYKS is actually 7 volumes within a single book.  A complete system of infopublishing tools:

  1. Make Your Knowledge Sell. This is the focus of "Make Your Knowledge Sell" -- all the other volumes revolve around this one.

  2. "eBook Secrets: How To Create & Sell Your Own Profitable eBooks On The Web", by Ken Silver. Ken Silver sells this ebook for $39 on his site ( It's been newly updated for MYKS. It's worth far more than that, in my opinion. It really complements and supplements MYKS wonderfully.

  3. 186 Places To Promote And Sell Your Information Product Online. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a complete resource for promoting and selling your infoproducts. This collection was part of Monique's infoproduct that she sold for $269.

  4. 120 New Places To Promote And Sell Your Information Product Online. In addition to Monique's original resource collection, 120 new resources were added.

  5. The Online Infoseller's Jump Start Kit. Monique still sells the printed version of The Online Infosellers Jump Start Kit for $87 from her site   Ken and Monique agreed that MYKS! simply had to be the single best resource for creating, marketing and selling infoproducts on the Net so they decided to include it as part of the bundle. Use its many checklists, templates, and guides every time you create or update a Web site, launch an information product, create a new promotional campaign, or simply to keep yourself on the road to success.

  6. Special Report On Reprint Rights, Including Reprint Legal Agreement. No one has examined the buying and selling of Reprint Rights as serious techniques for serious infopreneurs. After  Ken's own successful experiences, he decided to write a Special Report for MYKS!. "Buying & Selling RePrint Rights” is the definitive guide to buying and selling reprint rights on the Net. And it includes Ken's Reprint Rights Agreement, which cost over $1,000 to develop -- Ken gives you the right to use it, but advises you to get legal counsel, as this does not replace a good attorney.

  7. The MYKS Automation Manual, including a $500 Software Coupon. Automation is the key to your online success. Ken has written an entire separate manual just about automation. No matter what your personal situation or resources, you'll be able to take (and ship) the order.

  8. A Free half-hour personal telephone consultation with Monique Harris

Make Your Knowledge Sell definitely over-delivers, but I wouldn't have expected anything less from Ken Evoy after his Make Your Site Sell masterpiece. It empowers you to win on the Web by using the single best opportunity you have... the knowledge stored in your very own brain. Ken promises you this... the combination of MYKS! and your brain is a winning one. All you have to do is... DO IT.

MYKS is very reasonably priced at CAD$79 which is only $54.48 US dollars.  In addition to the great price, I was highly impressed with Ken's guarantee. "You will gross at least 1,000 times your purchase price within two years, or we'll refund 10 times what you paid for MYKS."

If you've ever considered creating your own informational product, then this book is the place to start. MYKS is a Winner.

Visit Make Your Knowledge Sell to get started writing your ebook today...

To Your Success!

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