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Review: Make Your Own Software
By Mike Chen

Mike Chen, developer of the popular Web Army Knife and Web Lock Pro, has created a new software program that will actually enable you to create your own software without writing a single line of code.

Although there are many "how to" products that will tell you "how" to create your own software, Make Your Own Software is the first actual software program I've seen that actually creates a software program.

As software is one of the most profitable products to sell online, Make Your Own Software provides Internet marketers with an alternative to hiring an expensive software developer.

With Make Your Own Software, you can create an infinite number of software programs that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits royalty free for life.

Make Your Own Software will enable you to create your own software program in under 30 minutes without writing the first line of code. What's more, it comes with 20 software "recipes" you can use to create programs, such as:

• Sales Letter Creator
• Pop Up Window Creator
• Customer Invoice Creator
• eBooks
• Super Affiliate Contact Letter Writer
• Web Army Knife
• Madlibs Games
• Greeting Card Creator
• Viral System Creator
• Check Printer
• Government Form Filler
• Marketing Plan Creator
• WebPage-O-Matic
• CIIM Order Page Creator
• Certificate Creator
• eZine Creator
• Restaurant Menu Creator
• Joke ID Card Creator
• Business Card Creator
• Business Valuator Creator

To give you an example of how powerful this software can be, Russell Brunson, a college student, was selected to beta test Make Your Own Software because he was an experienced entrepreneur with no programming experience.

Here's how his testing went... 

"Wednesday I received the beta copy of 'Make Your Own Software.' Thursday in class I had an idea for a product called 'Salesletter in a Box.' ( Thursday after wrestling practice I came home and started on the product. It took me about 55 minutes to create the 1st version of the software."

The very next day, Russell put his new creation online for sale, using the exact same techniques described in the Make Your Own Software manuals.

True to his nature as a competitive wrestler, he decided to issue himself a challenge: "Let's see how much money I can make in 48 hours." Russell emailed Mike about his progress as things progressed.

"Mike, $3,582 in profit so far!"

"Mike, this is great! Now I'm up to $6,432."

The final tally? "Mike, here's the final figure. At the end of 48 hours I'm now up to $11,859.00 in profits."

Russell Brunson made nearly $12,000 in profits in 48 hours!

Although his results are not typical, they provide you with some valuable insight as to exactly what can be accomplished with Make Your Own Software.

With the highly over saturated "marketing how to" information market, it's very refreshing when something practical and usable comes along.

As soon as I downloaded the software, I immediately thought of several new software programs I could create.  I also thought of several ways I could use the software, including:

  • Create software to use as incentives to gain new subscribers
  • Create software to use as free bonuses to compliment existing products.
  • Create software to use as a viral marketing tool
  • Create help files for existing products
  • Create ebooks
  • And so much more

The possibilities are endless.

With Make Your Own Software, if you can follow some simple instructions, you can create your own software programs. Here is exactly how it works:

Step 1: Create or Load a "Recipe." Make Your Own Software comes with 20 pre-written recipes that tell the software what you want it to do. It also shows you exactly how to create your own "Recipes."

This "recipe" can be just about anything that comes in the form of a text file and is actually really easy to create.

Step 2: Select a Few Options. This further instructs the software as to what you want people to do with your software. Another simple step...

Step 3: Click the "Make My Software!" Button. That's it ... You're done. An EXE file is created and ready to distribute as you see fit.

Although Make Your Own Software has its limitations and cannot create extensive software programs, it will easily enable you to create an unlimited number of simple programs and is well worth the price -- it can pay for itself with just one quality software development.

Visit the 'Make Your Own Software' Site today...

To Your Success!

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