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Branding / Rebranding PDF Files

branding pdf files, rebranding pdf files, brandable pdf files Review: Viral PDF Software program for branding and rebranding PDF files.
by: Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner has made Internet history by developing the world's first downloadable software program that enables PDF files to be branded.

If you've been doing business on the Internet, you've most-likely heard of brandable ebooks. However, in the past, HTML compiled (EXE) ebooks monopolized the ebook branding and rebranding market, as this technology was not available for pdf files.

For those who aren't familiar with brandable ebooks, they are ebooks that contain special fields that can be customized by those who have the special branding software. These fields may be an affiliate web address, company name, or whatever you'd like.

For example, maybe you've written an ebook, compiled it into PDF format and you're marketing it online. To increase your sales, you've set up an affiliate program and have created a free trial version of your ebook for your affiliates to give away. However, there's a problem. How on earth are you going to track your affiliate's referrals through a PDF ebook? Well, you could manually create a customized ebook for each of your affiliates that contain their affiliate ID. However, this will be very time consuming -- especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of affiliates. Or, you can simply create one brandable PDF ebook with Viral PDF.

The concept is simple. Each time you place a link within your pdf ebook, you place special rebrandable fields within your link that will look something like this:


The "clickbank" text is the name I gave my field as it indicates that it will be a rebrandable ClickBank link. The "wsnet" text is my ClickBank ID and is telling Viral PDF to display my ID if my affiliate doesn't have a ClickBank ID. In other words, if I have several different types of affiliate links within my ebook and my affiliate doesn't care to sign up with all of them, they can simply brand the links they'd like. The links they didn't brand would display my affiliate ID instead. This is a great feature, as it can literally save a sale that otherwise would have been lost.

The complete brandable affiliate link would look something like this:{--clickbank$wsnet--}/product

When your affiliate brands the ebook, the "clickbank" text would be replaced with their ClickBank ID and will look something like this:{--money$wsnet--}/product

When this link is clicked within a branded pdf ebook, the affiliate using the "money" ClickBank ID would be credited with the sale.

This is an absolute viral method of increasing your sales, as your affiliates will be motivated to give your ebook to their visitors.

branding pdf files
Viral PDF will enable you to...

  • Use an unlimited number of rebrandable links within your documents. Promote as many affiliate programs as you'd like.
  • Brand your email addresses.
  • Create fields for text branding. For example, you could create a brandable field like "This ebook is brought to you by <your name here>" and allow your affiliates to brand it with their own information.
  • Set up an expiration date for your PDF files that will not enable your ebook to be branded after a certain date. If a user tries to brand the ebook, they will be asked to visit your site to pick up the latest version.
  • Use 'catch-all' tags that will brand your links with your affiliate ID if your affiliate doesn't have their own ID for any program you're promoting within your eBook.
  • Hide your affiliate links, if you chose, by using Acrobat's "Base URL" feature.

rebranding pdf files Creating a Rebrandable PDF File

Creating a rebrandable PDF is as simple as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Simply set up special fields within your document that you would like to be rebrandable (Viral PDF includes a detailed instruction manual). Once your file has been compiled into PDF format, simply run the file through the Viral PDF software. It's a matter of either dragging your file into the program and dropping it, or simply going to "File" - "Open" to open your PDF file within the program. The software will run automatically.

Step 2: When you distribute your PDF ebook, simply include the brander application to enable your affiliates to rebrand your ebook.

Step 3: That's it...there's nothing more to it.

brandable pdf files Branding a PDF File

Branding a PDF file is as simple as dragging the file into the branding program and dropping it, or going to "File" - "Open" to open the PDF file within the brander. You simply change the brandable affiliate links to your own and save the file. It's that easy.

branding pdf files, rebranding pdf files, brandable pdf files Conclusion

Viral PDF definitely lives up to its name. This software will give you the power to create a non-stop viral marketing tool that will not only rapidly multiply, but it will also continue to promote your products and services eternally. What's more, it will enable you to build an affiliate sales force, as once the word gets out, you'll have new affiliates wanting to pick up a copy of your brandable ebook for their visitors.

Visit Viral PDF to pick up your copy of this powerful new program and start branding PDF files today.

To Your Success!

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