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Web Site Marketing Strategy

Make Your Site Sell, by Ken Evoy Review: Make Your Site Sell
by Ken Evoy, M.D.
PDF Electronic Book,
GoodBytes Information Products, Inc.

There are many marketing books available online but none, that I know of, that takes you step by step and goes into such explicit detail as Ken Evoy's, "Make Your Site Sell."

Evoy, a marketing guru, has done his homework. After developing a computer software program designed to generate more high-potential stock candidates, Evoy realized the Internet was the ultimate high-density marketplace.

Although he had originally created the software to help himself, he decided that if his software was of interest to him, it would be of interest to others as well. So he decided to market it.  

He knew that his PennyGold software wasn't going to be easy to sell. So before he began designing his web site, he spent countless hours reading books on copywriting, writing direct response letters and web marketing. He surfed through countless commercial web sites looking for the strongest common elements that worked. He tried just about everything that looked or sounded reasonable. He kept what worked and ditched the rest.

After two years of trial and error, he developed a tight battlefield-system that works. He increased his PennyGold sales by tenfold. The current price is $587 (Canadian) with no trial download. He's done all his testing on a very difficult product to sell.

Evoy begins by explaining what he refers to as "The big three to succeed on the web."

1) Develop a great product
2) Write a web site that sells with deadly effectiveness
3) Attract targeted customers to the site

He goes on to say that if you succeed at all three, your web business has to succeed. Period.

He recommends that you begin by determining your "Most Wanted Response". (MWR) Decide what response are you trying to achieve, whether it be to make a sale, get a lead or whatever response your looking for. Once you have determined your MWR for a product, you can design that part of your site to achieve it.

A good MWR is:

1. Reasonable
2. Measurable
3. Must be a good fit for your customer
4. It must qualify your visitor

Evoy goes into great detail for designing your products "opening page", "creating a pathway" and the "closer page" all specifically designed to reach your MWR.

He then explains the power of written word. It will make or break your effort to persuade your visitor. The right words will turn your visitor into your customer. He advises to use strong, active, emotion-charged words to captivate your visitors.

He goes into great detail on writing powerful ad copy, headlines that hit by identifying your products benefits and using strong active verbs to create powerful headlines with emotional impact. He stresses the importance of using verifiable testimonials and providing generous guarantees to build customer trust.

This book is jammed packed with valuable information. It's captivating, enlightening and even a bit surprising at times. Evoy definitely over delivers.

He explains his entire marketing plan in explicit, easy to read detail, and has a very unique system designed to make the sale. When you purchase his book (800+ pages) , you'll also receive two free valuable smaller books, as well. "Building Targeted Traffic' and "It All Starts with the Product". He stresses the importance of selecting the "ideal" Internet product with tips for selecting the best sales price.

As a direct result of reading, "Make Your Site Sell, I have been re-evaluating my own marketing techniques and site design.  This is definitely a "Must Read". The price is very reasonable. You can download this ebook formatted in PDF with both of the free gifts for only $17 USD or $24 Canadian. It comes with a complete money back guarantee. If you follow his techniques, it will quickly pay for itself.

Visit Site Sell to get started today...

To Your Success!

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