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Password Protect and Encrypt / Encode HTML Code Pages

If you're looking for a way to to protect your HTML page, this HTML code encrypter may be your answer. HTML Password Protector will enable you to protect a complete HTML page or just a portion of it.

This script will encode HTML using a password you select and will add a password box. If your visitor types in an incorrect password, the HTML will not be decoded.

Please note: This script will not work properly if your HTML code includes JavaScript that pulls content from a file on your server. In addition, it cannot encode short text. The longer the password the better the encoding will be.

Enter your preferred password:

Enter your HTML code to be encrypted:

Click Here to Encrypt and Password Protect Your HTML Code

This is your protected HTML page text. Save this text as an HTML file:

Please note: we cannot recover your password if you lose it, so please ensure you keep it in a safe place.

Script code provided by:

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