I/O error 32, ebook io 32 error
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I/O Error 32

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I/O error 32, ebook io 32 error

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I/O error 32, ebook io 32 error

I/O Error 32

If you've ever tried to open an ebook and have received the I/O Error 32, fortunately, there is an easy solution.

When you first download and open an ebook, depending on what compiler was used to create it, the ebook may store data within your computer's temporary files folder.

If this is the case, the next time you try to open the ebook you may receive the I/O Error 32, as if the ebook tries to again store data within your computer's temporary files folder, but finds that the data already exists, it becomes confused and produces the error -- a little popup box appears saying "I/O Error 32" and if you press OK the ebook opens; however, it's simply a shell with no content.

To temporarily fix the problem (you'll need to do this each time you want to open the ebook), you'll first need to locate the folder on your computer that stores the temporary files. However, as there are many different versions of Windows, the location of the folder will vary -- on Windows 2000+ it's usually here:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp

(The <username> text above indicates your user name for your computer. It may even be "default user.")

Once you've located the folder, open it and you'll find some additional subfolders in which the names begin with CA... followed by 18 alpha-numeric characters. Once you locate these folders, simply delete them, as these are the folders that the ebook has created to store the data when it's opened.

Note: The /Local Setting/ Temp file is usually a "hidden" file, so you'll need to ensure you have "View Hidden Files" enabled within your folder options. You can locate this on your toolbar at the top of the window -- click on "Tools" - "Folder Options" - "View" then on the enable button "Show hidden files."

If you'd like a program that will automatically delete your temporary files and clean up your hard drive, you can download a free trial of a program called Window Washer here:

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