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Creating A Placeholder For An Empty Table Cell

If you've ever tried to display an HTML table with borders within your web page, you may have discovered that unless you are displaying some text or an image within a table cell, the border will not display. However, this HTML tip will enble you to display an HTML table with borders even if some of your cells are empty.

Following is an HTML table that contains some empty table cells. Notice the borders do not display within the empty table cells.

Your Text Your Text
Your Text

Simply by adding the special   character code within your HTML code, your HTML table cells will be visible.

Your Text   Your Text
  Your Text  

Copy and paste the following HTML code into the HTML portion of your web page.

<TD>Your Text</TD>
<TD>Your Text</TD>
<TD>Your Text</TD>

Place the &nbsp; character within the table cells that will be empty.

HTML web page tables can be a bit tricky sometimes, but they will enable you to give your web pages a great layout and are well worth the trouble.

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