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Open a Web Page in a New Window

If you're linking to other web sites within your web pages, you certainly don't want to just give your visitors away. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you open links to other web sites within in new window.

This will enable your web page to stay open within a window, even if your visitor clicks on an outside link, and prevent you from completely losing your visitors.

The following HTML code will enable you to open a web page in a new window:

<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Your Text</a>
Edit the text in red and add TARGET="_blank" to your link code.

Open all links in a new window

If you're linking to a lot of other web sites within your web page and would like to open all of your links in a new window, this HTML code is for you.

The following HTML code will enable you to open all of your links in a new window. Place this code between your <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags within your HTML:

<base target="main">

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