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Using an Image Submit Button within a Form

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HTML Image Submit Button

If you're using an HTML form on your web site and would like to use an image submit button instead of the boring standard submit button, this HTML code is for you.

In order for your form's input box and your image submit button to line up properly, you will need to place it within an HTML table. In addition, unless your image has a transparent background, you will need to set the table background color to the same color as the image background so that it will seamlessly blend together.

<FORM METHOD=post ACTION="/cgi-bin/example.cgi">
<TD BGCOLOR="#8463FF"><INPUT type="text" size="10"></TD>
<TD BGCOLOR="#8463FF" VALIGN="Middle"><INPUT type="image" name="search" src="search.gif" border="0"></TD>

Note: In order for your form to function properly, you must have a form processing script that resides on your web server and then link to it within your form code. If you don't have one or aren't familiar with HTML forms, you may want to contact your server administrator for assistance.

Edit the text indicated in bold to suit your needs.

Using an image submission button within your HTML web page forms will enable you to easily spice up your forms.

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