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Customizing Horizontal Rules - Line Dividers

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Customizing HTML Web Page Horizontal Rules (Line Dividers)

(Internet Explorer)

The HTML web page horizontal rule <HR>, also known as a line divider, is used to divide content areas within a web page.

These HTML horizontal rules can be used to divide your web page content subjects, products, navigational menus or whatever you'd like. They provide a great way to add color to your pages without using images and will enable you to improve the appearance of your web pages.

If you're using line dividers (horizontal rules) within your web page, you can change the color, width and height of the line dividers by adding some attributes to your <HR> HTML code.

The examples below show various styles of the HTML <HR> tag. They are displayed in a table and the width attributes span the set percentage of the table. When used without a table, the width will span the set percentage of the entire web page.


<HR WIDTH="50%" SIZE="3">


<HR WIDTH="75%" COLOR="#FF0000" SIZE="4">

<HR WIDTH="25%" COLOR="#6699FF" SIZE="6">

Edit the text indicated in bold to suit your needs.

Using customized HTML web page horizontal rules or line dividers will enable you to quickly and easily spice up your web pages.

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